Why God is treated like a light switch!

Something I’ve noticed when sharing with others about something I have in mind to do such as an idea or maybe taking a test, even a job interview. I tend to hear good luck. Some people I hear may say they believe in God but will speak on presenting luck to me or someone. Without judgement it appears that luck is bigger than prayer or simply saying “God’s got you” or “Thank God you receive all that you ask”. Now, what I’m getting at, is people only will acknowledge God if there is a funeral or someone is sick or there is some tragedy. If someone passes, I always here “Our thoughts and prayers are with you”. what does that mean? Who are you praying to, a God you never acknowledge? Now all of a sudden God acknowledges your prayers. Where was God when you were speaking of luck?  Another one is, “I’ll say a little prayer”. The bible say’s for us to come boldly to the throne for whatever you ask Hebrews 4:16. So what does a little prayer do? Basically nothing. It never reaches God. People tend to feel that God knows you without a relationship. Suppose you walk up to a stranger and you would say “Good seeing you and how is the family?” “I need you to do something for me”. “I need for you to watch my dog this weekend”. How do you expect that stranger to react? The stranger doesn’t have a relationship with you, therefore, doesn’t know you for you to ask such a favor. This is how God is. If you haven’t gained a relationship of faith in God by knowing His word means your motives are vain motives. When you feel that you have the right to go through the motions in attempting to impose God’s power without professing to have a relationship will not work. I suggest that we all look to have a relationship with God through Jesus that will allow our prayers to be effective. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much, James 5:16. You will agree that luck has no power because that isn’t a word that the holy spirit understands. We know that power comes through saying ” in the name of Jesus” in my thoughts and prayers. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it John 14:14 .