The Heart ( Kardia)

The root of this word carries a stronger symbolic meaning than what we experience in the 3rd dimensional plane. The word Kardia is used in a more english term today as cardia meaning heart. Why the changing of the word and spelling. Words today such as this one loses it true meaning and understanding simply because the vibration of words that was given to the ancients had a powerful and freedom based vibration. By changing the name to cardia and by always producing a fear behind the word cardia puts people in fear as the world does. In the bible the word kardia never appeared but yet is mentioned over 800 times in scripture. Its meaning is :The heart, inner life, intention. The seat of all physical and spiritual life. Matthew 5:8 says bless is the pure at heart for they shall see God. As we seek to understand the true nature intended, we must first look at the spiritual heart. We see everything with our heart. As our third eye opens, it’s though the heart. This is in an enlightened state. This is how our passions lie deep in our heart and soul. When we are truly passionate about an idea or belief is when I eye opens. A pure belief. This is why Jesus says in Matthew 6:22 The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light. My grandmother would say that ” the eye is the window to the soul”. With the soul being what is truly in our heart and the belief and the energy that surrounds it shows us that this is not reference to the physical eye or eyes but to the third eye. This is why we must not fix our eyes on what we see physically because it tends to dictate our reality. When we ascend to a higher self, we see things much clearer and our heart comes in agreement with what we truly see. This is what our reality should be.