Understanding Frequencies



Frequencies are what governs the world. Did you know these basic frequencies are used to heal the DNA of bacteria, treat depression and anxiety. Read some of the cool articles. You will see how society has used frequencies that were considered “devil” frequencies to change man’s brainwaves. You will see that music and tv (media) is created to bring fear and anxiety. This is why the government wants terrorism, and wars, sickness. As long as man is not willing to subject him or herself to love,peace and happiness; he or she will always live in this 3rd dimension reality. Check out this terrific article from Global Freedom Movement.


As you now see that this mind control works for good and bad. We always here how we like to contribute money for wells for drinking. That’s find and I not here to judge the good gesture but what I am here to say that we can also build frequency devices that will clean the water. Frequency as I mentioned have been used for healing our body, growing plants and conditioning water. Check out some other clips. You would be amazed. This article is from collective evolution.



My goal here is to show you how to get into a place of consciousness. This is a state of bliss; where you are in another dimension. You are free to create your own reality. There are 3 ways to reach this state: Coma, death and meditation. Now the first two selections obviously are not necessarily how you would want to reach this level of consciousness so meditation is truly my choice at this present time. Now when we speak of meditation we also must understand breathing techniques. The page (Meditation and breathing) will give you examples of the importance of meditation and how proper breathing plays a role in society. Also I don’t want you to forget that prayer and petition goes alone with meditation. Meditation is a form of conscious thinking. When we close our eyes to meditate, we enter into a state of creation. When we pray we are in a state of thanks giving, while petitioning to God. The two are essentially the same but sometimes you may choose to meditate to keep in tune of your reality and not what is seen around you. We have to be mindful that even thought we have create our world around us that can be perfect, there are still things we deal with that is not our reality. That is why we must live in the present moment of consciousness. Take a look at this article by hiddenlighthouse on prayer.


Hopefully some these articles will help you understand how what you listen too will effect who you really are. When you are on the right frequency with God/Universe you will feel better, think and see thing clearer and create your own reality by clear visions and thoughts. Here is some music I think you will enjoy!!. Take care.