Farris is an author, a motivational coach, family counselor and an awesome husband and father . Farris spent 10 years in Christian ministry before realizing there was something missing.

In his journey for enlightenment and spiritual growth he has learned that christians sometimes look at God’s kingdom is external, but the truth as Jesus said the kingdom is within us therefore we must look within ourselves for the true purpose of our life and letting the holy spirit direct us.


Vision is what we all need as spirit beings to find peace in our life. I feel without a vision, people find themselves wandering. This can lead to lack of peace when you don’t know your purpose or passion in life. I have felt the same in my life but I asked God to show me who I am. This is the first step. Find out the true you. My blog and with my book “The Family Guide To A Successful Life” will assist you in finding who you really are. Please note that this doesn’t happen overnight but I assure you that together we will have fun as we go on this journey together to seek that burning desire to become all that you are.