The Bible is not all wrong.

So many people dismiss the bible. There are many reasons why but I won’t get into them simply because they are irrelevant to what you are seeking. The bible is what you make of it. I look at the bible as figurative stories that describes how from a conscious state Jesus was showing man how to obtain powers from God to live a fulfilled life on earth. Because the Christianity religion has seemed to disappoint many, the bible and its sometimes difficult understanding tends to lead people in questioning the true motives of what God was telling us. True, there is too much judgment that many spiritual leaders have placed on God’s word that can put a person into a type of restraint when it comes to his or her spirit. But let’s not blame the bible or man. What we are really doing is searching for who we really are. There is greatness in all of us but first of all we are seeking, happiness, peace, joy and love. The beautiful traits dwells in all of us but we have been told we have to go through rituals to find it. That couldn’t be further from the truth. This blog is not a session to attack any religion or belief. After all who are we to judge what is right or wrong, good or bad, truth or lie. So let’s get some answers to what you need to become a better you. First question:

  1. Do you feel like you are trapped? Not just in a job but in a life? I don’t mean lifestyle but in a life?
  2. Are you looking to find who you really are?

As I mentioned in my intro, read my book “The Family Guide to a Successful Life”. In this book you will find many answers to your questions. but before we dive deep in my book,  I want you to know you can simply ask God about your life. Questions like “What do I want to do God?” or ” I feel there is something better but where do I start?”. Now for me when I ask God or myself (meaning I was talking out loud as I was driving home from work) and all I could here in my thoughts or my gut was “Seek first the kingdom of God”. Now if you don’t know the bible you wouldn’t know what this means but I’m sure God will have an answer in a way you will understand. This is called a Rhema word. This Greek origin word was used as people following Jesus would describe his words from God when he was with them, such as the disciples. Now again this is not to get into the politics of religion so let’s stay focused on the word and understand Jesus was anointed with Christ energy. Christ energy can be describe as Chi, Prana, Ki.

So understanding a Rhema word is how a message may agree with a thought or come as an answer. I have gotten answers from blogs, YouTube, movies and TV programs. God is omniscient so he can speak to you from any where.You just have to be open minded to receive. Meditation and prayer are the best ways to open your heart and to be elevated to a conscious state. But let’s remember, we must remove ourselves from judgement or labeling.